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Intermodal Services

Raider Express Logistics Inc. offers Temperature Controlled and Dry Intermodal services to the major freight markets within the U.S.

Raider Logistics has developed and formed a strategic network of major providers of Intermodal Services and with these alliances we are able to provide “dock-to-dock” service at competitive all-inclusive rates.

Benefits of Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal is one of the fastest growing shipping methods within the transportation industry.   Intermodal can be a cost-effective shipping mode of transport when used. Trucks are an essential part of transporting goods across the continent, but they’re not always the most cost-effective or efficient when Intermodal Services are available and utilized.

Along with taking advantage of the best attributes of transportation types, benefits of Intermodal transportation include:

  • Saves on fuel costs (trains, while not as direct as trucks, use fuel far more efficiently, so intermodal uses rail for long-distance, high-volume shipping routes).
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions (barges and trains use less fuel than trucks, so cutting down road time decreases fuel consumption and emissions).
  • Handles changes in the industry better than a single mode of transportation alone.
  • Reduces highway congestion (less time stuck in traffic means faster deliveries).
  • Increased cargo loads for bulk shipping (a single train or barge can obviously carry more than a single truck, so customers with greater loads can transport more in a single trip).
  • And much more!

As a “single source” for all your Dry Van distribution and Full Truckload shipping needs, Raider Logistics commits itself to exceed your expectations.

Interested in seeing how our Intermodal Services can benefit your business? Contact our Sales and/or Divisional Team when this mode of Transportation is considered.