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Raider Logistic Carriers

As a non-asset based freight broker, Raider Express Logistics, Inc. contracts with licensed and insured independent motor carriers to haul our customer’s freight.

While we do not own the trucks or employ the drivers, our customers can be confident in our ability to execute and monitor their shipments based on a thorough carrier approval process and evaluation.

With the market place as dynamic as it is today, it takes an experienced team of professional and educated individuals to qualify and approve a carrier into our database.

Raider Express Logistics is proud of the fact that we have a full-time staff that only qualifies and approves carriers through a multi-step process.

  • Carrier Safety Rating is checked to see if they are Satisfactory, Conditional or Unsatisfactory. We DO NOT USE a carrier with a Conditional or Unsatisfactory rating.
  • The Safety Management System is checked for any SMS alerts.
  • Verify the carrier does have an active authority and has been active for six plus months.
  • Carrier is to provide a certificate of insurance showing Raider Express Logistics as the certificate holder. Raider Logistics continues to monitor the carrier’s insurance to verify it is active. If the carrier is hauling temperature controlled product, they have to maintain “reefer breakdown” itemized insurance.
  • Carriers must agree to and sign all Raider Logistics contracts: Master Agreement, Security Agreement and Load Agreements.

Raider Express Logistics is not only confident in the way we initially screen independent carriers but in our ongoing monitoring. This is a dynamic process that we continue to upgrade and which has made us one of the leaders in the industry in setting the standards which our  competitors seek to emulate.